Our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
This year we decided to break tradition and spend ours in the majestic mountains of Silver Star Ski Resort in beautiful British Columbia. Amazing time would be an understatement but more about that later.

On Christmas Eve we held an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest with our family. There was a lot of hiding behind closed doors the weeks leading up to our vacation. Mr. Frugalista and I went to the dollar store together to shop for our sweater embellishments but his was Top Secret so I couldn't walk down the same aisles as him in case I got a sneak peak at what he was up to. He even snuck through the cash and had his bag already hidden in the trunk of the car before I emerged from the aisles with my loot.

ENTRY #1 & #2
Wine charms, snowmen, and a Fox
I love the wine charms hanging from the bottom of their sweaters.  My son's pays homage to that catchy tune "what does the fox say".

ENTRY #3 & #4
Garland Christmas Tree with balls and bulbs
These two were short a few bulbs by the end of the night, literally!

ENTRY #5 & #6
Garland and a strand of blinking mini lights
Its hard to tell in the picture (these pictures were taken with an iPhone) but the sweater on the left has a strand of flashing mini lights across it.

Icicle LED lights and mirrored letters
This is Mr. Frugalista's entry. His came in very handy when we ventured outdoors in the dark to see the Torch Relay - he successfully navigated our way through the icy path. His sweater probably served as a beacon too for the skiers navigating their way down the mountain!

Turn on your sound for this one...mine had audio and visual affects!

AND THE WINNER WAS...*drum roll*

MR. FRUGALISTA with his icicle sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winner Medal
And yes, he really does HATE winter!

Aside from the fun contest we had a wonderful time downhill skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, hot tubbing, eating, drinking, relaxing, laughing, and enjoying each other's company.

Unfortunately we ran out of time for skating on the pond...oh well, next time.

A majestic view of Silver Star Ski Resort Village in British Columbia
This was one of the views from our window - so majestic!

Here are a couple of photos of the beautiful and spacious condo we rented...

Snowbird Lodge in Silver Star Ski Resort

Snowbird Lodge in Silver Star Ski Resort

Christmas 2013 ranked up there as one of my favorites. My heart is still in the mountains and I'm so glad we had this wonderful time together creating many cherished memories with our children, their partners, and my sister and brother-in-law.

On Christmas Eve near the skating pond while we prepared dinner at the condo, our daughter got engaged. Congratulations Victoria & Riley!

Our daughter's engagement ring - Dec 24,2013

I'd love to hear how you spent the holidays!  Did any of you participate in an Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest?

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