A Frugalista Christmas!


Welcome to our humble abode!  

So glad you stopped by for a visit during the holidays. Grab a mug and help yourself to a coffee, apple cider or some hot chocolate.  Hard to resist cream and sugar from a Snowman huh!

Hot Chocolate Station

Seems how we're here, lets start in the kitchen.  I hope you are enjoying the scent of cinnamon sticks, orange peel, whole cloves and allspice simmering in the mini crock pot.  I'd offer you some cookies but I haven't started my Christmas baking yet - don't hate me!

I received these pretty silver stars from a friend in Europe.  Normally they hang on our "Hollywood Glam" tree in the media room.   This year we have a new kitten that dwells in that room so putting up a tree is not an option unless we want to provide Mr. Conan with an uber toy box!  I decided to string them on bakers twine and make a simple garland for the kitchen window.  As you can see from the view to our back yard that we don't have to dream of a White Christmas.

Window holiday banner with silver stars and bakers twine
After several unsuccessful attempts at growing herbs in the IKEA Flintorp Pots, I decided to grow Christmas balls - so much easier!

Last weekend I took a trip to the Niagara Falls region of Ontario to attend my husband's Christmas party. While there I was inspired by a chalkboard that I saw at a local winery. This is my knock off version. The fabric FAITH banner was made by a talented friend and I just love the pop of red.
Chalkboard typography for the holidays

Lets cut through the dining room shall we. You may remember the Pallet Board Centerpiece I made a few weeks back with fresh greens. Sadly I kept forgetting to water it and came home from my vacation to a bed of pine needles on my dining room table.

Centerpiece made from pallets and fresh greens

This is how it looks now with faux greens that I bought the other day at Michael's for 70% off. I did the happy dance all the way to my car!

Centerpiece made from a pallet with faux greens
Hanging from the chandelier above it are these pretty Mercury Glass Ornaments.

Mercury ornaments hung from a chandelier

The dining room is a work in progress. The chairs are getting a complete transformation in January.

Dining room decorated for the holidays

Come sit by the fire and make yourself comfortable. I have Michael Bublé Christmas quietly playing in the background.

Living room decorated for the holidays

Fireplace decorated for the holidays

Fireplace mantle winterscape for the holidays

I originally filled the bird cage with gold balls but remembered I had these pretty snowflake ones.  Much better!

Bird cage filled with white snowflake ornaments

I love the look of wreaths hanging in the window but with our harsh Canadian winters we have to hang ours indoors. I bought a clearance bin wreath at the end of the season last year but it was looking far too sparse. I wired a pine garland into it as well as some embellishments and it looks so much better now.

Christmas wreath hanging from an interior window

DIY Christmas wreath

Don't you just love these mercury glass acorns?  When the light shines on them they cast such a pretty sparkle.

Mercury glass acorn

I purchased these gorgeous finials at an antique market several years ago.
Gold mercury glass finial

Onto the belle of the ball, cream of the crop, star of the show...you get the picture...the Christmas Tree. Over several decades we have shared annual ornament exchanges and so our tree is filled with sentimental treasures.

Christmas tree decorated with cherished ornament exchange embellishments
Here's a peak at some of my favorites...

Friendship Christmas ornament

Teacup Angel Christmas ornament

Figure skate Christmas ornament

 This one is hand painted from the inside.

Handpainted from the inside Christmas ornament

Next are my much treasured Boyd's Folkstone Santas and Wee Folkstone Fairies...

Boyd's Bears Folkstone Santa ornament

Boyd's Bears Folkstone Santa ornament

Boyd's Bears Folkstone Santa ornament

Boyd's Bears Wee Folkstone Fairy ornament

Boyd's Bears Wee Folkstone Fairy ornament

These are some cherished ornaments from my childhood that bring back fond memories of Christmas' long ago. They are especially treasured since my Dad and youngest brother have passed away and my Mom suffers from dementia.

Vintage pinecone ornament

Vintage frosted Christmas ornament

Last but not least, homage to my Canadian roots is Santa fishing in a birch bark canoe.

Santa fishing in a birch bark canoe ornament

I hope you enjoyed your visit. It was great fun spending time with you today!  

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