Office Got A Tweak {Room Makeover}

Hi Everyone, hope you had a nice weekend! Ours was a busy one painting, tacking, installing hardware, and dismantling a pallet. We have three room makeovers on the go at the moment - why do just one when you can do three!

It all started with some Pinterest inspiration. I came across this and a few other pins featuring the Bedford Collection from Pottery Barn.

I fell in love with this look and then thought to myself, "wait a minute I have a similar custom made unit sitting in the guest room with nothing in it". It was built many many many years ago...okay, not that many... for Mr. Frugalista's childhood bedroom. It was later passed down to each of our children at various stages of their childhood.

Custom desk unit before in the guest bedroom

This was it's last childhood incarnation.
Custom desk unit before in our daughter's old room
I dragged that baby out of the guest bedroom and into my office lickety split and got to work making it look more "officey".  And so the office makeover began...

I had already painted it white when our daughter's room was converted into a guest room but those handles just had to go.  I don't know how many finger nails I broke trying to pry the drawers open.
Custom desk unit before with old handles
The wood handles were glued on - try removing 40 year old handles without damaging the drawer fronts!  I did it but not successfully on some drawers.  Nothing that a little Dynamic Dyna Patch couldn't handle.
Custom desk unit after with new hardware
The drawer in the desk unit had some graffiti so it needed a little makeover. First I had Mr. Frugalista make some drawer dividers that I painted white. I lined the drawer with some pretty paper and added a glass knob for some glam.
Custom desk unit drawer makeover
Take a look at these Before and After pictures - it looks so much more professional now.

Custom desk unit before and after View A

Custom desk unit before and after View B

This is my office Before the makeover:

Office before makeover View 1

Office before makeover View 2

This is my office After the makeover:

Office after makeover View 1

Office after makeover View 2

Office after makeover View 3

Office after makeover View 4
My office feels much larger now and it is definitely far more functional! Next up...the guest bedroom makeover (coming soon).


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