Decorating the fireplace mantle for Fall

Everywhere you look these days there are hints of Fall. I'm not going to lie, other than the beautiful warm colors, I'm no fan. Nope, I'm a Spring/Summer kinda gal. To me Fall is a reminder of the S...SS...SSS (can't bring myself to say it) that's yet to come. But whether I like it or not it's happening and so with trepidation I started decorating for the season.

Fall fireplace mantle

I pulled out my collection of waxed leaves and simply strung them with these cute mini clothes pins that I found at Michaels and clipped them onto a strand of twine. I think it's cute! I made the sign out of an old piece of wood I found outside in the wood pile.

I cut...well more like...I jumped onto the wood to break it. I sanded the rough edges and then gave it a good scrubbing with steel wool soaked in apple cider vinegar. Not only did it clean the wood but it added to the aged patina.

DIY Fall harvest sign

I found a font I liked on my computer and printed the words "Fall" and "Harvest" to fit the board. I knew Karen at +The Graphics Fairy LLC would have the perfect image for my sign and as always, she did not disappoint. Using carbon paper, I traced the text and images onto the board and with watered down acrylic craft paint I meticulously hand-painted over the transfers.

DIY Fall harvest sign

DIY Fall harvest sign

I'm quite liking our little pumpkin patch sign.

Fall fireplace mantle vignette
Okay Fall, I may not like you but I'm ready for you now!

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