Tray Chic (Pun Intended)

Another update on the trays!
Remember earlier in this post I couldn't figure out why when I applied clear wax over the chalk paint on this tray that it turned pink?  

Mystery solved!  Well it wasn't much of a mystery and I don't know why I forgot about this simple technique for resolving stains bleeding through paint.  I applied a coat of shellac over the entire tray and repainted it with Pure White chalk paint and dry brushed the filigree with Duck Egg Blue chalk paint.  Ta Da, no more pink!

Unfortunately I lost my handpainted floral detail but I'm okay with that.  I think it looks just as pretty without.

A little update on the trays!
After all my fun transforming them, I couldn't just put them back into the cupboard.  This spot in my kitchen at the end of the cabinets has bugged me since we finished our kitchen renovations.  It needed something but I couldn't figure out what.  

Much better now!

I bought the letters in a clearance bin at Michael's.  They only had Capital T's left so I went with it and I love how it adds a little whimsy to the vignette.  I painted the letters with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Graphite and applied a coat of Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax.

 I picked up these little cuties at one of my favorite stores, the Apple Box Boutique.  I tied a little raffia bow onto each and I think they look so pretty in this spot.

I've been on a tray transformation binge!
With summer in full swing we tend to put our trays into action far more often. We've been using ours to transport food and dishes onto the deck for BBQ's and serving snacks and drinks around the firepit. Sadly, each and every one of our trays didn't bring much personality to the occasion.  My first thought was a shopping trip to buy some pretty new trays.  My second thought was $$$.  My third was "Chalk and Milk Paint".

I found this beauty at a thrift store for $4.50! I was so excited to get started on it's transformation that I forgot to take Before pictures. It was a dark wood (not sure what) and had a few chunks missing from the inside (nothing that Dynamic Dyna Patch Compound couldn't fix).

I painted the first coat with Old White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and then decided to paint the second coat with Pure White Annie Sloan Chalk Paint because I wanted more of a crisp linen vibe. I then lightly dry brushed over the raised filigree with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint. Carefully, I hand painted over the gold floral filigree with Duck Egg Blue. It isn't perfect but I think perfection lies in the imperfections!


I did a light distressing around the edges with sandpaper revealing the natural wood underneath. I then applied a couple coats of Annie Sloan Soft Wax over the entire piece.

 Then a mysterious thing happened???  For some unexplained reason while the wax was drying the white paint turned a light shade of pink.  Scratching my head I checked my wax brush and buffing cloth to make sure there wasn't any red paint on them.  Nope!  I haven't a clue why this happened but I decided it looks pretty with the duck egg colour and for now decided to leave it.  Reminds me of a light shade of Antoinette Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

If anyone knows why this may have happened please post your comments below!

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