Fun scrapbook paper mini bunting flag banner!

I was inspired by Gina's bunting flag tutorial at The Shabby Creek Cottage. As soon as I saw her post I knew exactly where I wanted one in my home. But truthfully, it was so much fun to make that I don't think I can stop at just one!

I made my mini bunting flag banner with vintage scrapbooking paper, some twine, and a few cute little embellishments I found at Michael's.

So let the fun begin, shall we...


I choose two scrapbook paper designs that reminded me of summer.  Doesn't the red checkered paper remind you of a tablecloth?  The other is a song sheet which reminds me of one of my favorite quotes written by William Carlos Williams (1883-1963), "In Summer, the song sings itself"

I wanted my flags to be 3" long so using a paper cutter, I sliced the paper in 3" wide strips.  I then cut the strips in 6" lengths (which conveniently worked out to be exactly in half as the paper was 12" long).

Next I folded each piece in half.  Yes, Mama was enjoying a nice cold glass of soda while I played!

After measuring twine to fit loosely across my chalkboard, I folded it in half to find the center.  This is where I will attach the first flag.  There's that cold glass of soda again!

I placed a strip of glue along the fold with an Elmer's Tape Runner and attached the twine.  I then applied a few more strips of adhesive across the middle and bottom of the paper and carefully folded the paper together, ensuring the edges lined up properly.

And there they are!  I was too lazy to measure the distance between each flag and just eyeballed it.

Next cut out whatever shape you prefer for each flag.  I lightly folded each flag in half to get a perfectly symmetrical triangle but you can just freehand the cutting if you choose.

Here I used some fun embellishments I found on sale at Michaels.  

Don't you just love these cute mini clothespins!

Ta Da!  I couldn't resist adding these glittered self-adhesive letters to each flag spelling out the word S U M M E R !

So cute!  Chalkboards are fun but sometimes using them as a To Do List can be daunting every time you walk by it.  That's why I added "have fun" to the bottom as a reminder of what really matters in life!

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