Adding a little vanity to the vanities!

We renovated our main floor bathrooms a few years ago. To my disappointment our budget could only accommodate simple white laminate vanities from our local home improvement store. Not willing to live any longer with the original 30+ year old cabinets, I settled.

They looked fine and much more functional than the originals but they lacked any pizazz. Feeling confused and a little overwhelmed about what products were available to effectively adhere to laminate, I procrastinated about refinishing them.

A few months ago I was introduced to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and it rocked my world! So while the cat hubby was away, the mouse did play!

I think they have a lot more character now and work better with the other elements in the rooms.

Oh, and upon his return, Hubby said he liked them.  After he uttered, "Marie, will you ever stop?"  To which I replied, "Never never muahaha"!

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