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Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain In Under 15 Minutes

Have you longed to have a water feature in your yard but the price of buying one scares you off? Always determined that a tight budget should not deter us from having those things that give us joy, I came up with a way to get that water feature without breaking the bank. Bonus, it's super easy and can be made in less than 15-minutes.

Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

All it takes to build one are these supplies...

DIY Plant Pot Fountain Supplies
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to complete this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you to support the costs of running this site. See my disclosure policy page.

Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain In Under 15 Minutes

What you need to build one

  • 2 plastic or glazed plant pots
  • 1 plastic or glazed flower pot saucer
  • 1 plastic pail
  • River rocks
  • Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump

We found the pots on clearance for $35.00 for the pair and the solar pump cost just under $19, so for less than $50, we have a pretty darn cute water feature in our front yard. I love that we don't have to run electrical cords that are a hazard when cutting the grass nor do we have an unsightly solar panel in the garden. Drop and go and let the sun do the work!

When I came across this new style of Solar Power Bird Bath Fountain Pump I had to have one. It comes with four different spray nozzles too. 

When it arrived in our mail box I just had to head outside and build the fountain. Even though Mr. Rexy ran for cover under the potting bench, I wasn't letting a little rain stop me from completing my mission for the day.
Building A Solar Fountain With Flower Pots
Now let me show you in eight easy steps how easy it is to make this Plant Pot Water Fountain.

Step 1 - Level the ground

We used a broken paving stone for the fountain to sit on to keep it off the dirt. With a garden hoe, we made sure the soil was level underneath.
Solar Plant Pot Fountain Stone Base

Step 2 - Base Flower Pot

Set the largest pot on top of the leveled stone.
Base Pot for Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain

Step 3 - Garden Pail Riser

Insert a large pail (or whatever you have on hand) into the large base pot.
Makeshift Riser For DIY Solar Plant Pot Fountain

Step 4 - Flower Pot Saucer For Second Pot

We already had this large plastic flower pot saucer on hand that just happened to be the perfect size to cover the top of the bottom pot. Unfortunately, the lip on the saucer made it too large to fit in the opening so we cut the lip off and it fit perfect.
Flower Pot Saucer Base for DIY Water Fountain

Step 5 - Stack Second Flower Pot

Stack the smaller flower pot in the center and fill the saucer with river rocks.
Assembled DIY Solar Flower Pot Fountain

Step 6 - Fill Top Pot With Water

Fill the top flower pot with water.
DIY Solar Flower Pot Water Fountain filled with water

Step 7 - Add The Solar Pump

Like I said earlier in this post, drop and go and let the solar panel do the work.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fountain must be situated in a sunny location

Because the pump doesn't have a traditional solar panel with a rechargeable battery, the fountain must have direct sun on the panel to work. If you are looking for a fountain that will run on cloudy days as well as into the evening hours, this is not the pump for you. 
Bird Bath Solar Pump In DIY Plant Pot Water Fountain

Step 8 - Keeping The Solar Pump Centered

Now you may be wondering what those four galvanized wires are about. You can skip this step but you'll most likely run out of water in the top pot.

To keep the solar pump centered so the spray doesn't land outside of the top pot and onto the ground below, insert galvanized wires into the foam floatations on the pump. Cut the wires to fit the depth from the pump to the sides of the pot. 
Floating Solar Pump Wire Center Supports for Plant Pot Fountain

That's it folks, doesn't get much easier than that and look how lovely this looks in our front flower bed.

Solar DIY Flower Pot Water Fountain

If my easy peasy Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain has inspired you to build your own water feature, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

Solar Plant Pot Water Fountain In Under 15 Minutes
This isn't my first DIY Flower Pot Water Fountain rodeo. Back in 2013, I built one for our back yard and it has been one of the most popular posts on the blog. You can find it here in my post How To Turn Plant Pots Into A Water Fountain.

If you want to get real fancy schmancy and know your way around power tools, here is another water feature alternative for a deck, patio, or balcony. This is the most popular post on the blog and you can find it here at DIY Patio Water Wall.

Have you ever made a water feature for your yard? After reading this post, would you consider making one? I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.

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I'm the newest co-host at the Talk Of The Town Party!

Dear Friends, I am so excited to announce that I'm the newest co-host at the ever popular Talk Of The Town Party!  I've been linking my projects with the lovely host, Angie from The Knick Of Time since I first started blogging and I can't tell you how honored and excited I am to now be a part of it.

For those of you who are bloggers, you may be quite familiar with this party. If not, I invite you to link up your most recent DIY, Repurposed, Vintage, and/or Recipe posts. So without further ado, let's get this party started...

Welcome back to Talk of the Town!

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Here's what we're talking about from last week's party!


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License Plate Art For A Child's Room

Up until a few days ago, the panic button was on about participating in this month's Thrifty Chicks Challenge. Why? Because the theme is License Plates and for weeks leading up to the challenge I hemmed and hawed about what I could make with an old license plate and every time I drew a blank.

The other set back was finding a license plate that didn't cost an arm and a leg. It took a few weeks but we found one for $3.00 at the antique mall where I have a booth. It dates back to the early 80's here in the Province of Alberta.

Inspiration finally struck while in the shower. Does that happen to you? I get the best ideas or solutions to life's problems while in the shower.

An image of the back end of an old truck came to mind (no I wasn't looking in the mirror at the time) and instantly I knew I had a great idea for License Plate Wall Art For A Child's Room, particularly our grandson's room at Grandma & Papa's house.

License Plate Wall Art For A Child's Room

I ran across the hall to my office and grabbed the first piece of paper I could find to draw a rough sketch. At my age, had I waited until after I got ready, the idea would have long since been forgotten. Does that happen to you too?

License Plate Wall Art Rough Design Sketch

Before I get into the details of how I made my children's license plate art, I should tell you a little about the Thrifty Chicks. On the second Wednesday of every month, a few of my creative junk loving friends and I come together to transform, upcycle or repurpose a junk find based on a theme.

Thrifty Chicks Monthly Themed Blog Hop

In case you missed them, in June the challenge was Chair and I gave a makeover to two Danish wooden chairs here in my post, Scandinavian Half Painted Chairs. In July the challenge was Kitchen and I turned thrift store cutlery and a sugar bowl into DIY Silverware Wind Chimes.

License Plate Art For A Child's Room

DIY Repurposed License Plate Wall Art Supplies
Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links so you can see what products I used or recommend to complete this project. What that means is that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a small portion of any sales at no additional cost to you to support the costs of running this site. See my disclosure policy page.

Materials List

Craft Paper (newspaper would also work)
Vintage License Plate
Craftsmart Chalkboard Paint
Country Chic Paint Moon Dew 
DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Shimmering Silver
DecoArt Americana Raw Umber
Dixie Belle Paint Company Barn Red
Top of salvaged Newel Post (round disk from anything)
E6000 Glue
Gorilla Wood Glue


Miter Saw
Mouse Sander

Create a template

The first task was to create a template of an enlarged version of the tiny sketch I drew after getting out of the shower. With brown craft paper and a pencil, I drew a freehand drawing of the back of an old truck, using the license plate as my guide. The sketch is not to scale but rather a whimsical childlike illustration of an old truck.

For each side of the truck to be symmetrical, I folded the paper in half and cut along the illustration on one side. After it was cut I drew the details on the opposite side.

License Plate Wall Art Template

Ignore the paper rectangles marked with an X. I had originally planned on making stained wood plaques to hang from the license plate - much like tin cans hanging from the bumper of a wedding car. I was going to connect them all with wire and decoupage photos of my grandson onto each one. I changed my mind when I realized it would make the art far too big for the wall I planned on hanging it.

Trace template onto wood

I traced the template with a pencil onto thin hardboard, this would keep the weight of the art light for hanging on a wall.

License Plate Wall Art Tracing Template Onto Wood

Cut out wood template

Using our relic jigsaw (Mama needs a new jigsaw), I cut out the wooden template and sanded the rough edges with a mouse sander (another relic in the workshop).

License Plate Wall Art Cutting Wood Template

Paint the wood template

Using the paper template as my guide I drew in the details of the truck like the bumper, tailgate, back window and rear view mirrors.

Nothing for this project was purchased except the license plate. With paint I already had on hand, the body of the truck was painted in the color Moon Dew by Country Chic Paint. The bumper and rear view mirrors were painted with Shimmering Silver DecoArt Dazzling Metallics. With a script liner art brush and black paint, I outlined the frame of the back tailgate.

DIY License Plate Wall Art For Child's Room

The back window was painted with Craftsmart Chalkboard Paint.

License Plate Wall Art With Chalkboard Rear Window

The truck was looking a little too new and needed some rust, so I dabbed DecoArt Americana Raw Umber by simply dabbing the color on with a round stencil brush and a lint free rag.

License Plate Wall Art Rusty Vintage Truck

Add tail lights

To make tail lights, I had a salvaged top of an old newel post and sliced it into two disks on the miter saw.

License Plate Children's Wall Art Cutting Tail Lights

I painted them Barn Red by Dixie Belle Paint Company and attached them with Gorilla Wood Glue. The license plate was attached with E6000 glue.

Children's License Plate Wall Art 3D Tail Lights

Now the License plate Art was ready to hang in Westin's room but first I attached a sawtooth hanger on the back with a hot glue gun.

The moral of the story...

When you find yourself in a creative slump or stumped on one of life's problems, jump in the shower. You never know what answers will come.

If you like this idea for wall art for a child's room by repurposing a vintage license plate, please share it with a friend and/or save it on Pinterest.

License Plate Art For A Child's Room

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