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A Sassy Pillow for the Bergère Chair With Attitude | The Interior Frugalista

February 4, 2016

A Sassy Pillow for the Bergère Chair With Attitude

Remember last Thursday when I shared the Bergère chair makeover from hell?  At the bottom of that post I mentioned that I should make a pillow with the leftover fabric and embroider the words, For Looks Only.

Well, there is now A Sassy Pillow For The Bergère Chair With Attitude.  If you missed the hair pulling, cuss word spewing, wine drinking saga you can catch up here at A Bergère Chair With Some Serious Attitude.

Sassy new pillow for a chair with attitude

Before I get to the pillow, as pointed out by a reader, the Bergère chair is in fact NOT a Bergère but rather a Louis Armchair. Evidently, I don't know my Louis from a Bergère! So this post should be aptly titled A Sassy Pillow for the Louis Chair With Attitude.

Back to the business of making my sassy pillow.

Materials to make a Sassy pillow for a chair with attitude

The first thing I did was make a graphic in PicMonkey and reverse the image (mirror image). Months and months ago I bought some Lesley Riley Tap (Transfer Art Paper). What I didn't realize is that you need to use it with an inkjet printer. I have a color laser.
Graphic designed in PicMonkey for a Sassy Pillow
Santa a.k.a. Mr. Frugalista bought me an inkjet printer for Christmas.  I asked for a Cameo Silhouette so you can imagine my inner excitement when I saw the wrapped box under the tree.  You can imagine my inner disappointment when I unwrapped that said box.  Until today when I finally set it up and got to play with my TAP.  Let's just say, Lesley Riley is my new best friend!

Transfer Artist Paper to print graphic on Sassy Pillow

After I cut the fabric for my pillow form I ironed the TAP paper onto the pillow front using the High Heat and Dry setting.  Because the fabric has a sheen, I placed a 100% cotton dish cloth over the fabric and added extra ironing time to ensure a good bond.

Sassy graphic ironed onto a pillow for chair with attitude

I keep a table top ironing board and travel iron handy in my sewing room. Saves me from having to run downstairs to the laundry room when I'm sewing.  I used tweezers to remove the hot Transfer Art Paper.

Graphic transferred onto fabric for Sassy Pillow

I saved the Dud piping from the Bergère...ahem...Louis chair to reuse on the pillow. Happily I trotted down to my fabric bin and gasped when it wasn't there. A quick text to Mr. Frugalista only to discover he threw it out.  HE THREW IT OUT people!  Perfectly good and reusable piping went to the landfill.  Shhhh, don't tell the recycle police because he brings me flowers...and he cooks most of the meals...and he cleans toilets!

So I calmed myself down and got to the task of making new piping with the one piece of fabric I had leftover.  Then I sewed the piping onto the pillow back.

Materials used to make piping for a Sassy Pillow

Next I sewed the two pieces together and voila, A Sassy Pillow for the whatever it's called chair with attitude!

Close Up of Sassy Pillow for chair with attitude

When I don't feel like being sassy, I'll just flip the pillow over.

Back side of Sassy Pillow made for chair with attitude

Who am I kidding, I'm a sassy kinda gal so it won't be flipped often.  Only when serious guests come to visit.

Sassy DIY Pillow for chair with attitude

Sassy Pillow and Chair Makeover from hell

If you ever come over for coffee or a glass of wine, remember you've been forewarned about that chair from hell.

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