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Delightful Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table Makeover | The Interior Frugalista

October 6, 2015

Delightful Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table Makeover

Hello my sweet blog readers, I hope you had a great weekend.  I spent mine with a paint brush and in my spare time smothering my adorable six-month-old grandson with Grandma kisses.

One of the projects I was working on was this Delightful Moroccan Coffee Table makeover.

Aqua and White Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table makeover

I called it a Delightful Moroccan Coffee Table because that's the name of the aqua chalk paint color I used along with Simplicity White by Country Chic Paint.  

I picked this table, along with another VERY similar, at a local online auction site.  This is what it looked like before the makeover...

Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table Before
* This post contains affiliate links so you can source some of the products I used. 

I was so eager to start this project that I forgot to take a picture before I patched the dents and scratches with Dynamic Dyna Patch (the only spackle compound I use on furniture).

Once sanded to a smooth finish, I brushed the entire table with three coats of Simplicity white chalk paint. Normally you get perfect coverage with just two coats but I was getting wood tannin bleed. Why? Because it was the weekend and I was being lazy and didn't bother applying a coat of shellac first. After a quick brush of Shellac followed by that third coat of paint, no more wood bleed.

Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table painted Simplicity White

My frustrations didn't end there.  

In the wee hours of the morning, clad in my pj's with a fresh cup of Italian roast, I tip-toed down to the workshop to quickly slap a Moroccan stencil onto the top of the table.

Ha!  If only life could be that easy.

Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table top painted in Delightful aqua chalk paint

Using the Delightful chalk paint color, I started stenciling the Moroccan pattern.  The first row went on without a hitch but somewhere between row empty mug of coffee...and row three, Mama's eyes went a little wonky.

Let's just say I had a hot aqua mess.

After deep breaths and a refill on that coffee I decided to repaint the top white and start again.  That's now five coats of paint on the top!

Moroccan stenciled coffee table top with white chalk painted base

First row - perfection.

Second row - same thing.

Third row...what the heck??????

For the life of me I couldn't figure out what went wrong when I was so diligently overlapping the stencil in the same way for each application.

...or so I thought.

Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table Top

Long story short, I painted the entire top Aqua.  Yup, that's two more coats of paint for a grand total of SEVEN!

For some strange reason, I was able to follow the pattern much easier by stenciling it with Simplicity White and applying it vertically rather than horizontally.

Coffee table top painted aqua with white Moroccan stencil

I will admit that it was one of those oops that turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  I like the softness of the white over the aqua much better.

Aqua Moroccan Stenciled Coffee Table Makeover

Now this Delightful Moroccan Coffee Table with a seven coat painted top needs to find a new home.

Moroccan stenciled coffee table makeover with accessories

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