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Scrabbling for Fall {DIY Banner for the Power Tool Challenge} | The Interior Frugalista

September 17, 2015

Scrabbling for Fall {DIY Banner for the Power Tool Challenge}

It's time for another Power Tool Challenge and this month's theme is Fall y'all!

Those of you who follow my blog know Autumn is not one of my favorite seasons. Despite the beautiful Fall colors, a bountiful harvest, and mugs of hot apple cider, I find it downright depressing. Why?  Because I know another Canadian Prairie winter is around the corner.

So for the challenge this month I was Scrabbling For Fall with my DIY Banner (sorry, I couldn't resist the play on words).

A Fall Banner for the September Power Tool Challenge

Decorating the mantle for Fall for the Power Tool Challenge

If you haven't heard of the Power Tool Challenge, it is a group of tool savvy, skill sharing blogging friends who encourage and empower our female readers to step out of their comfort zones and try simple projects they can make themselves using a power tool.

The power tools I used to create my fall banner were:
*(affiliate links are included in this post so you can see the products I used for this project)
I had a long 7" high piece of hardboard in my stash leftover from another project.  Using a Metal Square *(affiliate link) I measured six tiles at 7" wide to create square tiles.

Measuring the tile pieces for the Fall DIY Banner

To mark the holes for the rope to be strung through I used the hole in my square as a template and simply flipped it over to mark the opposite side.

Marking the holes to hang the DIY Fall Banner

Drawing the cut lines for the Fall DIY Banner

Next it was time to head over to the compound mitre saw.  A table saw would have cut these lickety-split but it was in the back of the shed I'm still nervous about loosing all my fingers because I'm a clutz.  So in order to cut through the 7" height, I had to make a cut and then flip it over to finish the cut.  More steps but I'm far more relaxed using this cutting tool.

Cutting the tile pieces using a mitre saw for the DIY Fall Banner

Next I clamped all six tiles together and placed them in a Vice *(affiliate link).  I drilled through the holes using a power drill and 1/4" drill bit.

Clamping the tile pieces together for the DIY Fall Banner tiles

Drilling the holes on the top of the tile pieces for the DIY Fall Banner

I painted each tile in a cream color and while they were drying I went into PicMonkey and created Scrabble tiles to spell out the word FALL.  If you have a steady hand, unlike me, you could freehand them.  I used Scrabble game tiles as my source for assigning the correct number to each letter (like pictures below).

Using carbon paper, I traced each letter onto the tiles and using a black paint pen filled them in. Again if you have a steady hand, you could freehand them.

Next up, adding the pretty...

Materials List Tile 1

Making burlap leaves for the Fall DIY Banner
  • Brush fabric stiffener or Mod Podge onto the back side of burlap ribbon.
  • Once dry, use a large faux leaf as your template and trace three burlap leaves.
  • Cut them out with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the fabric fall leaves over top the burlap ones at an angle.
  • Lay them out onto your tile and hot glue them in place.
  • Glue a few clusters of faux berries in the center.
Note:  I purchased my faux leaves and berries at the dollar store.

Gluing a trio of burlap and fabric leaves onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

Materials List Tile 6  

  • Small Foam Core Pumpkin
  • Orange and Brown Craft Paint
  • Green Jute Twine
  • Mod Podge
  • Dark Wax or Brown Glaze *(affiliate links)
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Small Fabric Leaf for template
  • X-Acto Knife *(affiliate link)
  • Hot Glue Gun
Cutting a small foam pumpkin in half for the Fall DIY Banner
  • Pull out the stem of the pumpkin and paint it with Brown craft paint.
  • Carefully cut a small foam core pumpkin in half using an x-acto knife.
  • Paint the pumpkin orange.
  • To add depth to the pumpkin apply dark wax or brown glaze with a small craft brush along the ribs and blend with a clean rag.
  • Trace two small fabric leaves onto burlap ribbon and cut with sharp scissors.
  • Hot glue the leaves around the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine and with your fingers, rub Mod Podge all over the strand.
  • Wrap each piece of twine around a pencil and let dry for about 10 minutes.
  • Carefully remove from the pencil before it adheres and let the curled twine dry.
  • Hot glue the jute tendrils behind the hole where the stem was removed.
  • Replace the stem and hot glue it in place.
  • Loosen up the tendrils to your liking.
  • Using hot glue, attach the pumpkin onto the tile.
Embellishing and attaching a small pumpkin half onto a Fall DIY Banner Tile

Putting it all together...
  • Cut a long piece of green jute twine to the desired length of where you plan on hanging the banner.  Leave extra on both sides to hang down or tie in a bow.
  • Find the center of your twine and string the middle tile in place.  Because I used six tiles the middle fell between the two Ls.
  • I glued the twine onto the back of the tiles to secure them in place.  You don't have to do this step. 
  • String the rest of the tiles onto the jute twine.
Fall DIY Banner for the Power Tool Challenge

That's it!  As you can see, I hung mine on our fireplace mantle.  I hope this inspired you to create a fun Fall Banner for your home!

Now it's time to see what Fall projects the other talented bloggers created for this challenge.  If you like what you see, please do not pin from the pictures below.  Follow the link to their blog and pin from their post.

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A BIG Thank You to the following for featuring this project...

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