DIY Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet for the crown jewels! | The Interior Frugalista: DIY Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet for the crown jewels!
DIY Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet for the crown jewels! | The Interior Frugalista

July 7, 2015

DIY Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet for the crown jewels!

Anyone who knows me might wonder why in the heck I of all people would need a jewelry cabinet. Other than my wedding ring and earrings I rarely wear jewelry. Most of the crown jewels costume jewelry were gifts. If I'm going to a special event I'll get real fancy and throw on a bracelet or a necklace. If I'm feeling really diva esque maybe both!

It was always a chore digging through the tangled mess to find what I was looking for.  That ended this weekend when Mr. Frugalista and I made a DIY Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet.

A DIY Mirrored Wall Mount Jewelry Cabinet

The inspiration began when we purchased an inexpensive floor length mirror at Wal-Mart with the intention of giving it a makeover and hanging it in the master bedroom.

Montebello Black Full Length Mirror

We bought it to replace the one that was previously hanging in the room but re-purposed into a DIY Antiqued Mirror for our dining room.

Inexpensive Mirror Makeover with chalk paint

First I painted the frame with a 50:50 ratio of Old White and Pure White chalk paint.  I distressed it a little around the edges and gave it a coat of clear wax.

One day while checking myself out before going out for the evening I had a light bulb moment.  Why not kill two birds with one stone (I really don't like that saying) and turn the mirror into a jewelry cabinet.  Off to Home Depot the following morning to get these...


Mirror 15 1/2" x 51"
1" x 3" lumber
1" x 1" lumber
Pegboard (Home Depot will cut to size for you)
Carpenters Glue (we used Gorilla Wood Glue)
Brad Nailer
Wood Screws (#8 x 1/2") (#8 x 2")
Pegboard Hooks
Knob and/or Hook Racks
Magnetic Door Latch
Piano Hinge

Supplies to make a Mirrored Wall Mount Jewelry Cabinet

Step 1
Using 1" x 3" lumber we built a simple rectangular frame (14" x 50") slightly smaller than the size of the mirror (15 1/2" x 51").  We attached them with #8 x 2" screws in each corner and applied wood filler to conceal the screw heads.  If you want to get fancy and have them hidden you could use a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.  In our case it wasn't important because they would not been seen.

Step 2
Cut a piece of plywood to fit the back of the frame and secure in place using a nail gun.

Step 3
Cut a piece of plywood to fit the back of the mirror.  Secure it in place using mirror adhesive and clamp them together (we placed a sheet of 1" plywood on top to hold them in place while they set over night.

Step 4
Using Behr Premium Plus Ultra Interior Paint & Primer in the color Wedgewood Gray (same color as our bedroom walls) I rolled two coats over the entire cabinet. 

Assembling the wall mount jewelry cabinet

Step 5
Cut two strips of 1" x 1" lumber to fit the inside height of the cabinet.  Using wood glue and a nail gun secure them in place.

Step 6
Attach white pegboard onto the 1" x 1" strips using a nail gun.

To dress up the back of the door I stenciled while polka dots all over it.

White polka dots stenciled onto the back of the door

Step 7
Cut a metal piano hinge to size and mount it both onto the cabinet and the door using #8 x 1/2" screws.  Make sure the screws you use are not too long that they break the mirror.

Attach a piano hinge onto the frame and door of the jewelry cabinet

Step 8
Attach a magnetic door latch according to package directions.

Step 9
Drill pilot holes through the back of the frame in each corner top and bottom.  This is where they will be secured to the wall.

Drill pilot holes to mount jewelry cabinet onto the wall

Step 10
This is where you'll need a second set of hands.  Have someone hold the cabinet up to the wall where you want it mounted and place a level onto the top of the cabinet to ensure it is nice and straight. Using an Awl poke a hole into the wall through your pilot holes in all four corners.

Step 11
Where your holes are on the wall attach drywall anchors if you were not lucky enough to hit a stud.

Marking the walls where the cabinet will be hung

Step 12
Attach the screws into your pilot holes and let them stick out the back of the cabinet slightly so they can be seen and felt.  Line up the screws to your wall anchors and secure them in place.

Now for the fun part, adding hooks and knobs to organize your jewelry.

Mounting hooks and knobs onto the back of the door for necklaces

Our kids used to have these IKEA organizers in their rooms growing up, I keep everything.  They were perfect to use for necklace hangers on the back of the door.  Secure them in place using #8 x 1/2" screws.

IKEA Knob Rack used to hang necklaces

IKEA Hook Rack used to hang necklaces

I had a basket full of pegboard hooks that I used to use in the workshop. They are perfect for hanging bracelets and hoop earrings. Each hole in the pegboard fits a pair of wire back earrings.

Using pegboard hooks for bracelets and hoop earrings

Initially we cut slats into the top row of holes to hold post style earrings. Well that was a fail because the pegboard is too thick and they ended up falling off. So onto Game Plan #2...using plastic coated wire mesh. We installed two cup hooks into the pegboard and hung a small piece of mesh so that it can be easily removed to take post earrings on and off. Works like a charm!

Plastic coated wire mesh to organize post style earrings

There is loads of room to add more earrings in this cabinet.  Perhaps some diamond ones would look fabulous hanging in here.  Hint hint Mr. Frugalista!

An organized mirrored wall mounted jewelry cabinet

No more digging around a jewelry box drawer to find my earrings.  Like the infamous missing sock in the laundry room, oftentimes it would be like looking for a needle in a hay stack to find a pair of earrings.

Another bonus, no more having to wipe the dust off of my necklaces before wearing them because they hung on hooks behind the bedroom door.

DIY Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

Who knows maybe this little cabinet will inspire me to wear more jewelry now that I can see what I actually have (which has become glaringly obvious that I don't have much).

This cabinet could be mounted inside the studs of the wall as well.  We choose not to because it just sounded like a heck of a lot of work on an already tight schedule.

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