A white headboard with a touch of Elegance! | The Interior Frugalista: A white headboard with a touch of Elegance!
A white headboard with a touch of Elegance! | The Interior Frugalista

August 25, 2014

A white headboard with a touch of Elegance!

During one of our treasure hunts back in the Spring I set eyes on this headboard tucked behind several others. Mr. Frugalista gave me that are you really sure you want this look because he could see we were going to have to work for it.

White caned back headboard after a makeover

Most people would walk right by it but all I saw was it's caned beauty and how pretty it would look in white. Suddenly I have the urge to break out in song  ♫ Here Comes The Bride...♪   

Thrifty caned headboard before a makeover

It's already looking 100% better after just the first coat.

Thrifty caned headboard after the first coat of white paint

I love how cane looks painted white - so fresh.

Close up picture of the cane on the headboard painted white

Then I added a touch of Elegance.  Suitable name - I love this color! 

Close up of the white headboard with Elegance color chalk paint

So did my client who commissioned me to paint the headboard to match the Arabesque Side Table I made over a few months ago.  

Matching Arabesque side table to compliment the headboard

I didn't distress the headboard to reveal the dark wood underneath because it had a glossy finish. Instead I antiqued it with dark wax. 

Close up of antiquing with dark wax

I think the white headboard and night stand compliment each other quite nicely!

White caned headboard After with matching side table

Hopefully I can find another headboard similar to this during one of my treasure hunts.  I think it would make a beautiful day bed with a ruffle skirt and loads of pretty pillows.

White headboard AFTER

The day I found this headboard I also picked up two more.  They are waiting to be transformed into garden benches.

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