The Interior Frugalista: January 2014

January 30, 2014

Queen Anne End Table Makeover

This little guy was tucked away in the corner of a thrift store when I spotted it. Nothing fancy, just one of those mass produced Queen Anne red stained mahogany tables in dire need of a makeover. Here he is after I got my hands on him.

Queen Anne end table After makeover with stripes

This is what he looked like when I brought him home.

Queen Anne end table before

After some Pure White and Graphite chalk paint goodness and some fun with frog tape he is now a fun little striped table with some personality.

Queen Anne table makeover After in graphite & pure white chalk paint

I forgot I had this cute little knob tucked away in my stash.

Queen Anne end table makeover After with cute striped knob

Now he needs a new home.

Queen Anne end table After painted with Graphite & Pure White chalk paint

See the little pine table below it, he's currently on the workshop table getting some personality. Should be ready for the reveal next week.

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January 28, 2014

Wall Sconces {thrift store finds}

Hello everyone, hope your week is going good so far! Here I go again about my thrift store finds but heck, I've been having loads of fun transforming them one-by-one. I just thought these Wall Sconces were so pretty when I saw them on the shelf. I know gold is back on trend but they weren't doing a thing for me As Is.
Before picture of gold ceramic wall scones

So into the workshop they went for a little transformation.

Gold ceramic wall sconces AFTER a makeover-Picture 1

I painted them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White followed by some clear soft wax and dark wax in the crevices. 

Gold ceramic wall sconces AFTER a makeover - picture 2

Then I distressed them a little with sandpaper to give them a shabby chic vibe.

Gold ceramic wall sconces AFTER a makeover - Picture 3

I like them so much better now!

Gold ceramic wall sconces AFTER a makeover - Picture 4

Now they need a home so I'll be posting them in our Etsy Shop.
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January 27, 2014

Thrift Store Jewelry Box Makeover

During my recent thrift store treasure dive I couldn't resist buying this cute little jewelry box.

Thrift store jewelry box Before

She was just too adorable to leave behind because I knew, like Cinderella, she had the potential of being the belle of the ball!

Thrift store jewelry box AFTER

...and worthy of a crown.

Thrift store jewelry box Before Photo2

Look at those gorgeous legs just waiting to be shown off.

Thrift store jewelry box AFTER Photo 2

Perfect for the crown jewels.

Thrift store jewelry box BEFORE photo 3

All it took was a little chalk paint in Old White and Provençe, some cute scrapbook paper, pretty silver ribbon, some new knobs (I now that doesn't sound so good but what else am I going to call them) and silver metal polish and she's all ready to be scooped up by Prince Charming.

Thrift store jewelry box AFTER Photo 3

Thrift store jewelry box makeover AFTER close up

Cinderella will soon be on Etsy but if there's a Prince Charming or Princess out there who wants her, press the Contact Me Button up top.

     Prodigal Pieces

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January 24, 2014

DIY Mercury Glass {from thrift store finds}

I think us thrifters have our Go To favorites when we're scavenging thrift store shelves. Besides furniture, mine happens to be silver and glass. These are some of the treasures I found in my most recent treasure dive. You can see what I did with the silver pieces here EYES OF SILVER.

Thrift store treasures to be transformed

When I saw this pretty glass hurricane vase I knew exactly what I was going to do with it.

Have you heard of this fabulous stuff?

Unfortunately you can't find it here in Canada so I ended up ordering it through Amazon.  This fun in a can turns regular glass into Mercury Glass in minutes!

Glass hurricane vase turned into mercury glass

Here is a trio of thrift store hurricanes I bought for a song and transformed into mercury glass.  I'm talking under $10.00 for all three people!

Trio of glass hurricane vases transformed into mercury glass

  • Wash the glass with soap and water and dry it well.
  • Give a light spray of Looking Glass Spray Paint on the inside of the vessel.
  • Let dry for around 2 minutes (you can actually watch this stuff dry)
  • Give it another light coat and wait 2 minutes.
  • With a spray bottle of 1 part vinegar to 1 part water give a light spray over the looking glass paint and wait 20 seconds.
  • With a scrunched up paper towel ( lightly sprayed with the solution) dab randomly over spots to remove some of the looking glass spray paint.
  • Once dry repeat a light spray of looking glass and let it dry 2 minutes.
  • Repeat the vinegar and dabbing process on other spots to give it a layered appearance.
  • Once satisfied give it another light coat (or two) of looking glass spray paint to cover where the paint has been removed.
  • Spray 1-2 coats of clear coat to protect the finish and Voilà!

You can get the looking glass spray paint in gold as well.  For an another look you could alternate coats with silver and gold. That's it folks - have fun!
*This is not a sponsored post  I'm just sharing the love


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January 23, 2014

Eyes Of Silver {thrifty finds}

"Eyes of silver
 your mystic love I share"
~Doobie Brothers

Mr. Frugalista and I both love collecting silver.  He collects old CPR (Canadian Pacific Railroad) silver and I (ye of less expensive taste) dance for joy when my eyes glimpse some on thrift store shelves.  Look at all these treasures and I paid less than $20.00!  

Silver plates found at thrift stores

They may not be sterling but they are silver plated and fabulous. Are you like me and love to use them as trays to create pretty vignettes around the house?

Silver plates found at the thrift store after polished.

A little elbow grease a lot of sweating, half a can of silver polish and an old toothbrush and voilà - I think I scored on these little babies!

Silver scalloped plate and salt & pepper shakers to create a pretty vignette

Look how pretty this scalloped one looks on our bookcase. Those adorable salt and pepper shakers were too darn pretty to tuck away in the china cabinet! Even though I cleaned them thoroughly on the inside I'm still too leery to use them for their intended purpose.

Silver round plate used as a base for a vintage bird cage

You can't see much of it but I decided to use one as a pretty base for the bird cage.  See a theme going on here? Hmmm, I obviously have a fetish for birds!

Silver clover shaped plate used for displaying photographs

I thought this pretty tray was a great way to display the photos of loved ones since passed.  I'm thinking while looking at this that perhaps it's time to replace makeover some frames for this vignette. 

It feels so good to be back in the Workshop again.  I've been having fun playing with all our new found treasures. More of that to come later...
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January 14, 2014

Featured Blogger At SoMe2~#16!

I am so excited to have been chosen as the Featured Blogger over at the SoMe2 Party this week. Thank you so much Kim, DeDe and Sara!

I love participating in this great social media link up party that runs every Tuesday evening. It's a great way to meet other bloggers on various social media platforms and they to meet you. Follow the links below and come join the party!

It's ~SoMe2~ time!!

Welcome to ~SoMe2~ #16!! 
This week, we're linking up Facebook and Bloglovin',
and we hope you'll join us! Bring your friends (and your friends' friends), too!

For those who are new: ~SoMe2~ is a SOcial MEdia Link Party where we will link up 2 different platforms every Tuesday @ 7:00 PM (EST).
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And now...introducing the
featured blogger of the week!

Marie was kind enough to share a little about herself and her blog:

My name is Marie and I am a consummate DIYer who loves the challenge of
decorating on a budget.  One of my passions in life is seeing the potential
in tired, dated or otherwise discarded furniture and home décor and giving them
a new life.  I get the same satisfaction when transforming rooms, using
what is already in the home.  If I can paint it, craft it, sew it, or
build it then living on a budget doesn’t stop me from creating a home that I
love and can be proud of. 

Be sure to stop by and visit Marie!
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January 6, 2014

2014 {Rough Start - Wonderful Gift}

Well we're into Day 5 of a fresh new year and I always begin them with hope and anticipation for what it has in store. Unfortunately 2014 has had a bit of a rough start.

First my car decided it was going to penalize me for not driving it for over a week while on vacation. I hopped in ready to head out for the day and nothing, zippo, silence. Thankfully it was just a worn out battery and I was without a car for a couple of days. It's not like I didn't have anything to fill my days with indoors - like taking down Christmas. But why is it when that big hunk of metal isn't sitting in it's usual spot that your head comes up with a million places you would, should and could be going?

Feline Infectious Peritonitis‎

Sadly our little five month old kitten was diagnosed with F.I.P. (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)‎ - a rare but fatal disease in which the survival rate is 2-3 weeks after diagnosis. Little Konan hasn't been with us long and we have all fallen head over heals for this little guy. He won't be with us much longer and we are cherishing every moment we have left with him.

UPDATE:  January 14, 2014
Sadly Konan passed away in my daughter's arms this morning here at home. We miss him so much but are relieved he is no longer suffering.

Time Capsule from 2000
Thankfully amidst all the crappiness there was a wonderful gift waiting for us on New Years Day. We had the kids and their significant others over for a turkey supper. Afterwards we opened our Time Capsule that we put together for the Millenium. At the time our son was 10 and our daughter 6 years old. It was so much fun looking at our local newspaper and the real estate MLS listings - average house went for around $160K in our community. The retail flyers were fun too - especially for electronics. Remember those big horking computer monitors? What a deal on VCR's! And a mammoth projection TV was only $5555.00! Then we browsed through the TV guide - remember those? The Sopranos was the latest hit.

Audio cassettes found in time capsule (interviewing the kids when they were young)
But the best thing of all we pulled from the cannister were two audio tapes (another relic) that we had completely forgotten about. I had interviewed each of the kids about their favorite things. Our son is now 23 and at the time he was 10 and our daughter is almost 20 and at the time 6. It was so special to hear their little voices again!

The kids then interviewed Mr. Frugalista and I (we won't get into our ages then and now). Oh my gosh that was so funny!

Son:  "Dad, what is your favorite part of your job"?
Mr. Frugalista:  "the pay cheque"

Son: "Mom, what do you want to be when you grow up...I the future"?
Me:  "Have a job that pays"

Moments like these trump any of the crappiness that may be going on in our lives. I will cherish these tapes forever. NOTE TO SELF: don't throw away the cassette player!


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