Mini Fall Bunting Flag Banners

No Fall d├ęcor is complete without bunting flag banners!

I rummaged through my stash of scrapbook paper and made this little mini flag banner for our chalkboard. In my Fall Decorating post I mentioned how Fall isn't my favorite season. So the message on the chalkboard is a reminder for Moi!

Fall bunting flag banner

These were easy peasy to make.  For instructions see my Bunting Flag Tutorial. I just love these mini clothes pins that I found in the clearance bin at Michaels!
Fall bunting flag banner

Fall bunting flag banner

Autumn Alphabet Banner 

Then I saw +Andrea Cammarata free Autumn flag banners over at The Cottage Market I knew I just had to have them hanging on the mirror in our front entry.


How cute are these! I glued them onto some yellow card stock and strung them on twine.

Waxed Leaves Banner

I love the simplicity of the banner I made with waxed leaves on our fireplace mantle. Simply hung with twine and those cute little mini clothes pins.

Waxed leaves banner

Martha Stewart Crafts Silhouettes

Martha Stewart Crafts Rat Silhouettes

I was inspired by +Susan Herin post over at Between Naps on the Porch using Martha Stewart Crafts Silhouettes and just had to have me some. Off to Michaels I ran and yessssss, they still had some in stock! Mr. Sexy Rexy is on guard and waiting for the hunt!

Mr. Frugalista has been out of town all week and he, like me, isn't a fan of Fall. It'll be interesting when he walks in the door and discovers our house has been Fallified!
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Embracing Fall {one wreath at a time}

While enjoying my morning coffee I looked over at our dining room mirror and decided it needed some Fall embellishment. So coffee in hand I descended into the basement storage room and went on a scavenger hunt through the craft bins. Score!

Years ago I picked up a Fall leaf garland in a clearance bin after Halloween.  I've never really known what I wanted to do with it.  Also in the bin I found a grapevine wreath I picked up for a $1.00 at a thrift store this summer. I had some leftover burlap from another project and I remembered a few weeks ago I bought a couple rolls of Halloween ribbon on sale. Can you guess where I'm going with this?

DIY Fall Wreath

Fall Wreath

I attached the garland to the wreath using florist wire (the gourd embellishments were already on it). Using a hot glue gun I attached the Halloween ribbon onto each side of the burlap. Then I looped it over the wreath and tied a bow. With stencils I pounced the letters onto the burlap using orange acrylic craft paint. I put a piece of cardboard between the fold so it wouldn't transfer onto the ribbon below. Ta Da!  A pretty Fall wreath for the dining room mirror.

Fall Wreath

I took advantage of the beautiful weather we've been having and made the wreath outside on my deck.  We hit a record breaking 31°C (unheard of in September in our neck of the woods)!   While being in wreath making mode, I decided to embellish the simple Fall magnolia wreath I've hung on our front door.

Magnolia leaf wreath

The berries and pine cones were already on the wreath so all I did to add some flare was loop burlap around the entire wreath and hot glued it in place. Simple but added a nice touch!

Fall magnolia wreath

With the flowers still in full bloom and the temperatures in the 30's, it hardly feels like Fall.  But hey, I'm not complaining!

Welcome to Fall

I ended my wreath making day with a few war wounds from battle with the hot glue gun.  All-in-all, despite my not being a fan of this time of year, I've been having a lot of fun decorating for Fall!

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Decorating the fireplace mantle for Fall

Everywhere you look these days there are hints of Fall. I'm not going to lie, other than the beautiful warm colors, I'm no fan. Nope, I'm a Spring/Summer kinda gal. To me Fall is a reminder of the S...SS...SSS (can't bring myself to say it) that's yet to come. But whether I like it or not it's happening and so with trepidation I started decorating for the season.

Fall fireplace mantle

I pulled out my collection of waxed leaves and simply strung them with these cute mini clothes pins that I found at Michaels and clipped them onto a strand of twine. I think it's cute! I made the sign out of an old piece of wood I found outside in the wood pile.

I cut...well more like...I jumped onto the wood to break it. I sanded the rough edges and then gave it a good scrubbing with steel wool soaked in apple cider vinegar. Not only did it clean the wood but it added to the aged patina.

DIY Fall harvest sign

I found a font I liked on my computer and printed the words "Fall" and "Harvest" to fit the board. I knew Karen at +The Graphics Fairy LLC would have the perfect image for my sign and as always, she did not disappoint. Using carbon paper, I traced the text and images onto the board and with watered down acrylic craft paint I meticulously hand-painted over the transfers.

DIY Fall harvest sign

DIY Fall harvest sign

I'm quite liking our little pumpkin patch sign.

Fall fireplace mantle vignette
Okay Fall, I may not like you but I'm ready for you now!

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What not to do while on vacation!

Can you believe it's September already? Here in the Great White North we are getting our August in September.  I'm not complaining, it's pay back time for our awful July.  I'm especially enjoying this weather having just returned from vacation.

Are you like me, instead of returning home with your camera filled with pictures of the people, places, and sites you visited, it's filled with shots of architecture, landscapes and home exteriors? I know you consummate DIYers can relate to this! I thought I would share some of my inspirational shots with you today.

But first I'll share what not to do while on vacation...

vacation injury

vacation injury

Mr. Frugalista and I decided wouldn't it be fun to walk down to the beach at Ogden Point in Victoria, British Columbia after dusk to see the cruise ships leaving port. Sounds pretty harmless, right? What we didn't expect was total darkness as we carefully navigated down the concrete steps to the water's edge. We were doing great, despite each having consumed a couple of glasses of wine during dinner. As we took the final descent we were not expecting one additional step around the corner. Well, judging from the photos you can guess what happened next. These pictures were taken a week after the fall!

Lesson 1: Don't go exploring in unfamiliar territory after dark!
Lesson 2: Quit tugging up your Big Girl Panties while shouting "me do all by myself" - let Mr. Frugalista lead once in awhile!

Onto the inspiring images...
bird house trim

I fell in love with these birdhouses on the gable ends of this house. How adorable is that!

bird house trim

We are finally, after 16 years in this house, hoping to renovate the exterior next summer. Part of the plan is to install horizontal engineered wood siding. On the gable ends we will add scalloped siding on the upper half. Replicating this birdhouse detail on the transition board would definitely add a unique and interesting element!

English garden inspiration

How gorgeous is this!  I'm in love with English gardens and I just have to create a smaller version of this in our back yard. 
sun dial in English garden

I just love the idea of having a sundial as the focal point.

This water feature was on the patio of our favorite restaurant in Sicamous, British Columbia.  This is the upper portion of the water fountain.

water feature inspiration

...and this is the base.  The sound as the water trickled off the rocks into the pond below was spectacular!

water feature inspiration

Our sloped back yard is perfect for a smaller version of this.  Mr. Frugalista and I are totally capable of building one of these!

Here are a couple photos of the slope in our backyard.  This is the vantage point from the bottom of the yard.

and this is from the top.  Can you picture a similar but scaled down water feature here?

So what DIY inspiration did you find over the summer?  
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