The Interior Frugalista: August 2013

August 22, 2013

Easy fabric magnetic bulletin board

Wish you had a spot to corral and display all those inspiring images you've been collecting for that one day project percolating in your mind?

Magnetic bulletin board

Well here is an easy way to create a pretty fabric covered magnetic Vision Board, Mood Board, Design Board, Bulletin Board - whatever you prefer to call it. I personally like the sound of Vision Board and so that's what I'm calling mine that I made for my home office.

Fibreboard used to make magnetic bulletin board.

I started off with a 24" x 36" sheet of fiberboard. I did the happy dance when I discovered this sheet leftover from another project just the size I wanted!

Attach sheet metal to fiberboard with construction adhesive.

I scored again at Home Depot when I found this 24" x 36" piece of sheet metal - yeah no cutting!  Using construction adhesive, I attached the metal to the smooth side of the fiberboard, clamped it in place and let it cure over night.

Attaching fabric to the magnetic bulletin board.

Yet another score when I went to Fabricland and they had their outdoor fabrics on sale for half price!  I centered the metal side to the wrong side of the fabric ensuring the pattern was centered on the board. I folded the fabric nice and taut over the board and like wrapping a present, attached it in place using a staple gun. Fiberboard is tough stuff and the staples didn't go in all the way so I gave them a little tap with a small hammer. Done!

I know I could have laid the fabric out better to avoid so much waste but at $6.00, I'm not going to sweat about it. Although in hindsight, I wish I had because I can think of all kinds of fun craft projects I could have used it for.

Attaching picture hooks to the back of magnetic bulletin board.

I measured the same distance from the top and side of the board and marked the spots on the back side of my board.  Then I screwed picture frame hangers onto my marks (you can see them in the red circles).

Tip for not having to measure where the picture hangers are on the back of the magnetic bulletin board.

Put away that tape measure because here's a neat little trick to quickly figure out where to put the hooks on the wall!  

Lay a piece of painters tape or masking tape across the back nice and straight. This fabric was easy to keep things nice and straight but if yours isn't, place a level on the board to help guide you.

Marking the holes where the picture will hang.

Mark where the nail should go on the tape.  I also marked the center point on the tape so I can line it up with the center mark on the wall where I'm going to hang it.

Remove the tape from the bulletin board and place it on the wall. Use a level to ensure the tape is nice and straight. Hammer a picture hook where you've marked the spots on the tape and you're ready to hang your Vision Board!

I prefer to use Monkey Hooks (Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Monkey Hooks, I just want to share my love of this great product).

See how easy they are and they make tiny holes in the wall!

Fabric Magnetic Bulletin Board

Here it is all ready to hang but before I do, let me show you some cute magnets that I made especially for my Vision Board.

Making your own pretty magnets for the magnetic bulletin board.

You can see how these are made on my Pretty Modge Podge Thumbtacks post. Note: I found the sticky magnetic strips pictured here didn't work very well. Instead I used heavier duty round magnets and attached them to the back with a hot glue gun like pictured below.

These worked perfectly!

Pretty painted DIY magnets for the magnetic bulletin board.

Wanting a pop of color, I painted the hearts red using acrylic craft paint.

Once again here it is!
I wanted my Magnetic Vision Board to be simple and therefore opted out of building a frame around it.  Now that it's hanging part of me feels like it might be missing something.  I don't know, I kinda like it's simplicity but I'm debating whether to glue red grosgrain or black and white polka dot ribbon around the perimeter.  What do you think?


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August 7, 2013

The Sign I Just Had To Have!

So I was shopping the other day when I came upon this cool sign that would be perfect for my Outdoor Bar/Potting Bench. I was so excited until I flipped it over and saw the price tag.  Ah No!  So I did what every determined DIYer does, I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture!

When we got home I didn't even put my purse down before I was rummaging through the scrap wood pile. Score!

I gave it a light sand to clean it up a bit from having been sitting outside for over a year.

Drilled a couple of holes for the hanger and gave it a couple of coats of chalk paint in Old White.

I had these vinyl letters leftover from my Welcome Sign project.  Dang, I was short one "small o" and two "capital G's".  Determined this sign was going to cost me zero...noth'n...zilch...I turned a capital O into a small o and made due with small g's.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

Yeah I know the small g's should be lower but I decided nah, not on my sign! Next I applied a couple coats of watered down red paint leftover from the outdoor bar/potting bench build. I let it dry until it was no longer tacky to the touch and with a craft knife carefully removed the vinyl letters.

I wanted this sign to look aged and worn so I was thrilled when some of the letters didn't transfer perfectly and bled a bit.  I then sanded over the entire sign to wear off some of the red paint.  Next I applied a coat of poly followed by some Dark soft wax getting into the cracks and wiping away the excess.  I followed that up with another coat of poly.  Last but not least I strung some twine through the holes and she was ready to hang.

So which one would you choose?

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August 1, 2013

Musings of the chilly Summer of 2013!

August already??? It feels like our summer hasn't started! 
Other than a couple of days here and there it's been a rather chilly one. Finger's crossed August makes up for our brrr brrr July.

Needless to say, I haven't spent much time outdoors working on projects (and I have several floating around in my head). Swaddled indoors with sweaters and warm cups of coffee, I took the time to catch up on some online courses/webinars and a whole lot of reading.

The novels are still waiting for some warm sunny afternoons spent on the deck with a pitcher of lemonade. Finger's crossed again!

The need to create kept beckoning. Computer off, books closed I headed downstairs to the shop and had a little fun. I worked on three projects (seems to be how I roll) but those will be posted another time.

Of course, I forgot to take Before pictures of this little gal that I picked up for 50¢ at a thrift shop. It had some nice white painted chippiness going on but where embellishments once hung, were globs of old glue. After several unsuccessful attempts to remove the globs, I decided to give her a complete makeover.

I gave it a coat of Shellac to stop the glue from bleeding through followed by a light coat of Graphite chalk paint. The second coat was watered down Old White chalk paint dry brushed and wiped. To add a pop of color I dry brushed and wiped some Emperor's Red chalk paint around the base and top.

Then I stenciled and lightly pounced a Fleur-de-Lis in red and rubbed some dark wax over the top to age it and remove some of the paint. The embellishments I found at Michael's in that catch me every time impulse bins lined up by the check-outs. I have a craft drawer full of these impulse purchases so I didn't have to go far to dig for these babies!

Yes, that's a fake flower - thanks to our lovely summer the real ones haven't bloomed yet!

On my To Do List for the Fall is a digital photography course. My photos leave a lot to be desired!

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