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June 5, 2014

DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

Last July I shared this post about how to build a DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table. I thought I'd pull it out of the archives today considering it's that time of year when many of us enjoy spending summer evenings with friends and good eats around the firepit.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a enough space for a back yard firepit.  This is a great alternative that fits easily on a deck.  These are not meant for burning firewood but are great for burning small eco logs or gel burners.  

DIY Fire Bowl Table - an alternative to a backyard firepit.

Making an Adirondack Fire Bowl Table from A-Z:

Inexpensive fire bowl

It all started one afternoon when I unearthed our 20" fire bowl from the side of the house that we rarely used. We have a backyard firepit but sometimes we just feel like lounging on the deck in the evening and need a little something to warm our toes. It was pretty rusty so after a good scrubing with a wire brush I gave it several coats of High Heat BBQ Spray Paint in flat black. Good as new!

Lumber to build a fire bowl table

We built our table using  2" x 2" lumber 1" x 6" fence boards.  I ripped the fence boards in half on the table saw.  Yup, you read that right, I'm getting braver with power tools involving a sharp blade! 

Fire Bowl Table constructed with 2 x 2's.

To create the hexagon shape we cut each 2 x 2 at a 16° angle. Each joint is glued and screwed together. We built two of these, one for the base and one for the top.

Fire Bowl Table Hexagon Shaped Frame

We measured the 2 x 2 uprights to the height of the top rim of the fire bowl and to accommodate a 2" rise from the bottom to create feet. We did this to avoid having the fire bowl resting on the deck. With galvanized screws we attached the 2 x 2's on to the outer center of each hex, ensuring they sat level with the top.
DIY fire bowl table with a frame to support the opening to insert the fire bowl.

We screwed the ripped fence boards leaving a small gap between each on the top of the table. We then added supports to the underside of the top, following the hexagon shape 2" from the outer measurement of the fire bowl. This will support the opening to accommodate the fire bowl.

Note:  We realized afterwards that two boards under the top running directly across the seven cut boards a few inches out from the hole would have been sufficient.  

We added fence boards onto the base and ran them in the opposite direction from the top to create some added interest.

DIY fire bowl table cut out in the center to accommodate the fire bowl.

We marked the center point of the table. We put a screw in the center and attached a pencil on some string measured to the diameter of the fire bowl. Using a jigsaw we cut out the circle. Next we filled the screw holes on the top with Dynamic Dyna Patch. Another "dah, why didn't we think of this before" moment. Attach the boards from the bottom to avoid screw holes. Last but not least we sanded the entire table and softened the edges of the fence boards.
DIY fire bowl table stained in Sage Green

The table was stained with two coats of Behr Premium Deck Over Solid Stain in Sage green to match our Adirondack chairs.  The fire bowl fits snug as a bug!  When not in use there is plenty of room to use the table as a foot stool.

DIY fire bowl table to match our Adirondack chairs.

I love how well it looks with our Adirondack chairs and makes for a comfortable conversation area on our deck.

Okay, now for some safety tips...

Obviously because our table is of wood construction you would not use it for a rip roaring bonfire! Pictured above are a couple of heat sources you can use. We prefer the Eco Logs cut in half with a chop saw. With either of these you don't get a big flame or hot sparks flying out of the bowl, thus creating a fire hazard. They give off just enough heat to keep you toasty warm and the added benefit of being Citronella helps keep the mosquitoes away!

We are looking forward to many quiet evenings this summer spent on the deck around our fire bowl with a bottle of wine!


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