July 03, 2013

DIY Adirondack Fire Bowl Table

Fire Bowl Table

It is another gorgeous summer day! My laptop and I are enjoying the fresh air as I create this post from the comforts of our gazebo. My little helper is hidden somewhere in the fern grotto enjoying a siesta in the shade.

Found him!  If he wasn't so cute I'd have to fire him.

The Making of an Adirondack Fire Bowl/Foot Stool from A-Z:

It all started with this....a 20" fire bowl we purchased a couple of years ago and other than a few uses, it has been rusting at the side of the house. So after a good scraping with a wire brush to remove the rust, it received several coats of High Heat BBQ Spray Paint in flat black. The other items in the background are the beginnings of projects currently in the works - to be posted in a week or two!
Off to the lumber store for 2 x 2's and 1 x 6 fence boards.  The fence boards I ripped in half with the table saw.  Yup, you read that right...I'm getting braver with power tools involving a sharp blade! 
In order to get a hexagon shape we needed to create a 30° angle. To get the size of table we wanted we cut each 2 x 2 at 16" (inside measurement). We then built another hexagon for the top.   
Then we measured 2 x 2's to a height where the top rim of the fire bowl sits just on top of the table, allowing for 2" at the bottom to raise the bottom shelf off the ground and create feet for the table. With galvanized screws we attached each 2 x 2 into the outer center of each hex, ensuring they sat level with the top. 
Next we screwed on the ripped fence boards leaving a small gap between each board to create the top of the table.
We then added 2 x 2's following the hexagon shape exactly 2" from the outer measurement of the fire bowl diameter.  This gave us something to screw the fence boards onto the top and provided support around the circle we will be cutting out to accommodate the fire bowl.
Note:  You really only need two boards under the top which run directly across the seven cut boards a few inches out from the hole.  This will help provide support on the top.
Next we measured and cut the fence boards and screwed them onto the base.  For added interest we laid the top fence boards in the opposite direction.
We marked the center point of the table top and measured the diameter of the fire bowl.  We placed a screw in the center and attached a pencil on some string at our desired measurement.  We drew the circle and with a jigsaw cut it out.
We then filled the screw holes on the table top with Dynamic Dyna Patch.  Note: To avoid this you could attach the top boards from the bottom, ensuring the screws are short enough so they don't pierce through the top.  We just found it easier to screw them in from the top.
Last but not least, using a mouse sander we sanded the entire table and softened the edges of the fence boards.  
Fire Bowl Table
I stained the entire table with two coats of Behr Premium Deck Over Solid Stain in Sage green to match our Adirondack chairs.
The fire bowl fits snug as a bug in the middle and there is plenty of room to use the table as a foot stool when the fire bowl is not in use.
Fire Bowl Table
Ta Da!!  I love how well it looks with the Adirondack chairs.
Obviously because of it's wood construction, you would not use this for a rip roaring bonfire!  We prefer to cut these eco logs in half using a chop saw as one log is too big for a 20" fire bowl.  These are perfect not only for the heat factor and ambiance on a cool summer evening, but they also help keep the mosquitoes away!

Enjoy!  I know we sure will.

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