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This bed needs a new purpose!

Ahhhh, it feels good to finally see the last of the snow and venture outdoors to do some Spring yard work. While cleaning up the heap of debris that accumulated over the winter from projects around the house, I unearthed our kid's childhood bed frame.  This bed has done it's rounds as it was my youngest brother's childhood bed back in the 70's.

The plan was to donate it but to my surprise the charitable organizations I contacted do not accept beds for fear of bed bug infestation.  So out to the heap it went.

I don't have the heart to let it rot in a landfill because of it's sentimental history.  So there I stood, coffee in hand, looking down at it and wondering, "Hmmm, what can I turn you into"?

Here's a hint as to what I came up with...
Look for the AFTER pictures next week!

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