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The bedroom is stenciled! | The Interior Frugalista

April 29, 2013

The bedroom is stenciled!

It was a lot of work but the results were well worth it!
Wall Stencil
I'm anxious to start my next project for this room which is transforming an antique door into a headboard, which will sit against this lovely stenciled wall.  I found the perfect bedding to complete the ensemble which I'm picking up this afternoon.  

Being a dig in before reading instructions kind of gal, here are the Mistakes and Lessons Learned about all over stenciling so you don't encounter the same struggles I did...

Tips for applying All Over Stencils:
  2. No, the Stencil Level recommended by the supplier is not a useless little gadget but the handiest little tool I wish I had ordered!
  3. Find the center of your wall and mark in pencil at the top and bottom. 
  4. Find the center of the "pattern" on the stencil and not the center of the actual stencillike I made the mistake of doing, and mark onto the top of the stencil with a permanent marker.
  5. Starting at the top of your wall, align the center mark on the stencil with the center mark on your wall.
  6. Level the stencil and tape the corners firmly in place using painters tape (don't use masking tape or it will lift the paint).
  7. I preferred applying the paint with a stencil brush and pounching rather than using a dense foam roller because I didn't have to clean the stencil as often and I used less paint.  It's a personal preference!
  8. Work vertically rather than horizontally for the best pattern alignment and levelling.  I made the mistake of doing the opposite!
  9. I used FolkArt Acrylic craft paint Wicker White in the 2 fl oz/59ml bottles.  I found 1 bottle covered an entire row when using a stencil brush.  Wish I had known this before starting as I ran out of paint and ended up travelling to three different stores before finding enough to finish - popular colour! 
  10. It doesn't hurt to have a glass of wine nearby to help relax into this project! 

And so it began...

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